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Breaking: Roger Federer back to ATP Top-4 ranking after Wimbledon, 2013

Roger Federer back to ATP Top-4 ranking after 260 days
After Tomas Berdych pulled out of Miami due to GI problems, its now 100% confirmed that Roger Federer after spending 8 months & 24 days out of Top-4 ranking will return back to #4 Ranking when the new ATP Rankings are announced on Monday, 31st March, 2014.

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In the new ATP Rankings to be announced on Monday, the following will be the ranking points of #3 to #8----

#3- Stan Wawrinka ---- 5740 points

#4 - Roger Federer- 5225 points

#5 --- Tomas Berdych-- 4720 points

#6 --- David Ferrer --- 4640 points

#7 ---- Juan Martin Del Potro --- 4260 points

#8--- Andy Murray ---- 3975 points

For a detailed read on how rankings changed during Miami Masters, read this indepth explanation as posted on our forum right here.


In my opinion Federer in spite of age still has the potential to return to the No. 1 position.  All he needs is a coach who

will insist on Federer stop making the many errors he is committing, but just enumerating the errors is not enough. A

deep technical analysis of the errors and why and how they are produced, is absolutely necessary if we want Roger to be back to the top of the rankings.  I joined this Web Site with the only one intention of giving to Federer my opinion on

this subject, but I have not found the way of reaching him directly, or through his closest advisors.  Any one reading this

post will think that I think too much of myself or that I am crazy.  None of those things.  It is just that as an engineer with some knowledge of the mechanics of movements and the trajectory of a moving ball and ideal energy required to

increase the possibility for avoiding a given shot to be a lost point, I think in all modesty that I can helpt Federer to

correct such mistakes, and the rest will be with him.  I believe he has to capabilities of introducing the changes, they

wont be different than changing the size of racket... .  


My theory is all concerning with the TRAJECTORY described by his arm when hitting the ball that he misses.

It is all wrong, and whoever does not want to believe me, I invite him or her to go back in time and watch videos of

the way Federer used to hit the ball when he was at the top... watch where he stood while making the service, and watch from which point he serves now...  is there anyone that can prove mathematically that such new position is best than

the one before? 


Thanks to those that have had the patience of reading this contribution of mine, which I can enlarge with details for

each of the mistakes I claim Roger is doing.